Agnee path - Set of 3 paintings by Artsus_Rems

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Abstract acrylic painting on paper set in wooden frame. Set of 3 paintings and frames.
"Agnee Path"" is the artists view of the tough times in the path of life. It is in 3 different colours depecting various stages of life. Eventually goldshines out depicting a stronger and more stable person. This is a retrospective art of looking back on the achievements in life.
This Abstract art has strong colours with gold foil lacing.
It has bright and contrast on the same frame and so can blend in beautifully with most types of Background.
Pair it with plain background colours to make the art an eye-catching element of the decor
The piece of art is sent along with 3 Frames and can directly be hanged on the wall
Take special care due to gold foil on the art. Avoid direct dusting on the art.

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