The window by Artsus_Rems

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"The Window" is the artist's view of a world outside of ours. The vastness of the thought is put forward by depicting in the shades of outer space enclosed in a small frame depicting the human physical limitation. It tries to bring a perfect balance between the physical limitations of human being vs the unlimited power of mind.
This Fluid art is a beautiful addition for a subtle or boho type home decor. It will go well with a subtle grey and off-white decor or for a stronger look can be paired with darker backdrops.
Suggested  to hang this wall-art on a light background wall to enhance the look of the space
Pair it with gold elements to make the art an eye-catching element of the decor.
The flowing beauty of colours is a perfect piece for your foyer combined with wooden as well as natural shades.
With Frame and can directly be hanged on the wall

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